Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit we will have you complete some paperwork and discuss the services with your groomer.

Will I need to bring my pets vaccination records?

No, we trust that your pet is fully up-to-date on all required vaccinations.

I don't see prices listed on your website. How much will my pet cost?

Prices are determined by breed, coat condition, time required, and type of service. Just give us a call or stop by, we would be happy to give you an estimate based on your pets breed.

How long will it take?

Since each pet is different, grooming times will vary due to size, coat condition, behavior, styling and services. In most cases your pet will be ready to go in 3 - 4 hours.

What products do you use?

We use top of the line shampoos and conditioners derived from natural ingredients. We work hard to check ingredients in our products ensuring your pets safety and will only use the very best. We also have many options for pets with skin and coat issues, allergies or sensitivity to fragrance. In addition to knowing our ingredients.

Do you accept walk-ins?

We accept walk-ins for nail trims, however for grooming services we operate by appointment only. Please remember we book up very quickly and scheduling your appointment in advance is always best. Just give us a call and we will be happy to try to accommodate your needs.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. We have a quality over quantity policy so we limit the amount of appointments we accept daily. When you cancel your appointment last minute it is sometimes hard to fill that space and is unfair to those who have been on a waiting list for an appointment. Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to re-schedule your appointment to avoid cancellation fees.

What if I'm running late for my appointment?

We understand life happens, however, Baroo Pet Spa is designed to be a relaxed atmosphere for pets and employees alike, therefore we are by appointment only. Each appointment is scheduled to give us enough time to pamper your pet, running late cuts into this time and the time scheduled for the next pet. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late for your appointment please give us a courtesy call as we may have to reschedule your appointment.

Does Baroo Pet Spa groom cats?

Our cat grooms are scheduled in the mornings on days and times when there is minimal dog traffic in the salon. Even if your cat is socialized to dogs some dogs in the salon may not be socialized to cats. We ask that you call to schedule your cat grooming appointment in advance so we can ensure your cat has a pleasant spa experience.