Add on Spa Treatments

For Your Fur

Silk Treatment- $10
Shampoo and conditioner enhanced with silk protein for a soft luxurious radiant coat. Finished with a light spray of plum cologne  

Flea Treatment- $10
Get rid of those pesky fleas and bugs with a all natural, chemical free, Flea Bath. Finished with a aloe conditioner to soothe irritated skin

Medicated Treatment- $10
Itchy and Irritated skin conditions due to several things. We recommend a Medicated bath to help wash all the irritation away and soothed with a Aloe conditioner

For Your Face

Foaming Facial:
This gentle, tearless, foaming facial will relax you, while removing dirt and brightening the coat

Plum Perfect Facial: $10
Blueberry Facial: $10 

For Your Feet

Pawdicures: $22
Finally something to relax your busy feet!
This includes nail clipping, nail grinding,paw balm to help moisten your pad and nail polish

Soft Claws:
Great way to control unwanted scratching on doors and floors! Includes Nail Grinding
Full Set: $30
Just Application: $20

Spa Lavish Packages

Spa Comfort: $15

Just the right combination of oatmeal and herbal extracts to soothe the skin, lavender to calm your soul and a revitaizing vitamin conditioner with a splash of comfort

Spa Renew: $15

Just the right combination of wheat protein for moisture and botanical emollients to leave the coat shinny and healthy. Followed by a vitamin conditioner and a spritz of Renew cologne  

Spa Fresh: $15

Refreshing Vanilla, Invigorating White Tea, stimulating Milk Thistle to Purify and Revitalized with a vitamin conditioner. A light mist of Spa Lavish cologne for UV Protection and scent

Shedding Treatments

Loosing hair all over your house and bed can be irritating. We offer a De-shedding service with a hydro-massage bath and De-shedding Solution to help with all that unwanted shedding. Prices vary by breed